Learn to draw floral compositions

Have you ever tried to create beautiful floral artwork but it was missing something? It’s one thing to draw a single flower but what if you want to combine different flowers together?

This course will teach you how to create 12 floral compositions by following along with our video classes. 

Want to know the secret?

The secret to creating floral compositions is to sketch your basic shapes before you start drawing your individual flowers. Just start with the guidelines and then gradually add details.

I'll guide you step by step

Don't worry I will walk you through the entire process and have you creating balanced & beautiful compositions in no time.

What to expect from this course

 • A self-paced course with pre-recorded online video classes

 • Learn how to draw balanced floral compositions step by step

 • Learn to create your own floral compositions by using our easy instructions

Become the botanical artist you have always dreamed of

12 Art Classes

Floral moon wreath composition drawing course

Floral moon wreath

Floral heart composition drawing course

Floral heart

Field of wild flowers composition drawing course

Field of wild flowers

Floral composition drawing course


Floral wreath composition drawing course

Floral wreath

Floral bouquet composition drawing course

Bouquet top view

Floral composition drawing course floral bouquet drawing

Bouquet side view
(coming in October)

Floral composition drawing course


Floral composition drawing course

Floral circle

Floral composition drawing course hanging garden

Hanging garden

Floral composition drawing course floral frame drawing

Floral frame
(coming in November)

Floral border
(coming in December)

Meet your art teacher

Hello, I'm Angèle

I will be your art teacher and help guide you on your journey to becoming a Botanical artist.


I always start my day with a cup of strawberry tea.


I am always searching for that perfect morning light to paint and photograph in.


I love going for walks in nature & foraging Botanics as inspiration for my artwork. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for all bcreatives & artists who want to learn how to draw floral compositions.

What content can I expect?

This course includes prerecorded video art classes that you can take in your own pace.

What materials do I need?

To take this course you will need a computer, tablet or mobile with internet and basic drawing materials like a pencil, eraser, paper & fineliners.

Payment options

Use PayPal or a credit card to subscribe with a monthly subscription where you will automatically be charged each month. VAT may be charged based on the country you are located.

How long can I access this course?

This is a subscription based course. Which means that as long as you are subscribed you will have access to the course.

Terms of use

The materials & videos included in the courses and also the artwork you create with this course are for personal use only. You may not use commercially, resell or redistribute the materials or artwork in any way or use as giveaways.

What is your return policy?

I do not offer refunds but you may cancel your subscription at any time which means you will also lose access to the course. Contact me if you have any concerns.